Letter 3

My dear sister,

It seems that mother was entirely correct regarding her theories concerning dryad mating habits. They do indeed use their unearthly charms to waylay innocent males of other species and lure them back to their lairs for the purpose of ensuring another generation of dryads. I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I avoid going into detail.

The first one saw me before I saw her, and she hit me with one of those magical effects you warned me about when dealing with the fey. Suddenly I didn’t want to do anything other than protect her and make her happy. My memories after that are something of a blur. In addition to the obvious I remember fighting off some kind of intruder to protect her territory, possibly a humanoid invader. I think I killed it, and I can only hope it was a gnoll or something similar.

After a few days she thanked me for my services and asked me to go and visit her sister, who also needed my help. Despite fearing that Loch Tavish was in danger and might need my help, I couldn’t seem to argue with her and found myself walking in the direction she had indicated.

I found her sister without any difficulty and after I introduced myself and explained why I was there I can only assume that she hit me with her own charm effect because I found myself unable to even want to leave. After another few days she told me about another sister who needed my help.

I really have no idea how long this continued, or how many of them there were. The days and nights blurred together. They made sure that I ate, slept, and kept myself clean. They even looked after Skittles and fed her what she told me were the greatest apples in the world. I hope that there are no long-term side effects from being charmed three times per day for what could have been several weeks or even months.

The cycle ended with a bang. Actually, two bangs. There were two large explosions that were not too distant. They were enough to snap me out of my befuddled state and to scare the dryad currently enjoying my company into hiding behind her tree. I quickly put my clothes back on, readied Skittles, and set off towards the big booms.

It took my a few hours to find the place. It looked like there had been a fight. Actually, a couple of fights. There were still smoldering piles of burned bodies, a large cage, and a couple of buildings next to what looked line a mine of some kind. I spent another couple of hours investigating the area to figure out what happened.

My best guess is that a bunch of gnolls took about at least a hundred humans captive and put them to work for unknown reasons. Then someone came along, attacked the gnolls, caused a few explosions, and rescued the humans. It took me somewhat longer to figure out where they had gone. It looked like they had all walked towards one end of the clearing and then just vanished. It’s dark now so I’ll finish up this letter and investigate more in the morning.

Please pass my affection to the rest of the family. And please don’t tell anyone I got captured by dryads. I don’t know if I’d ever live that one down.

Your loving brother,

Letter 3

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