Letter 2

My dear sister,

I hope this finds you well. By now you’ve probably finished your training in the grove and are trying in vain to get our parents to treat you like an adult. I wish you the best of luck and if you ever figure out the secret, please share it with me. Anyway, on to my adventures!

After leaving Briarsby I traveled to the southeast, meandering a bit to take in the sights and investigate anything I found interesting. I found signs that there may be a kobold lair nearby, but I’m not too worried about them as they generally keep to themselves unless threatened.

After a few days I reached the forest. It was too thick to ride through so I had to walk Skittles, but she enjoyed the opportunity to graze on foreign cuisine so I can’t complain. A ways into the forest I heard the sounds of a struggle and left Skittles behind so I could sneak up on what turned out to be a pair of horribly beastial humanoids harassing the most beautiful lady I have ever laid eyes on. Well, I could hardly be having with that!

While I can’t match father or Kori with axe or spear, you know that it is no idle boast when I say that I am second to none when it comes to the bow. The dog-man nearest to me was down with a pair of arrows in his chest before either of them knew I was there, and the other only had time to yelp and look in my direction before meeting the same fate as his companion.

The lady hid from me at first, but after I put down my bow and assured her that I meant her no harm she was willing to approach me. After getting a good look at her I realized that she was a nymph, and I can confirm for you that they are as fair as the tales say. She introduced herself to me as Nomia and thanked me properly for rescuing her from what she called “gnolls,” a type of abomination that she said was sadly common in the area.

We talked for a time after she had finished thanking me, and she told me much about the forest and surrounding area. She could not tell me much of Loch Tavish, only that it had been settled recently and that it was near a lake that she avoids. She seemed to be afraid of something living in or near the lake but she didn’t want to talk about it and I didn’t press her on it.

She also had some sort of vague foreboding that something bad was going to happen in Loch Tavish and that they might need my help. After thanking her thoroughly for the information she gave me I set off once again for Loch Tavish.

No distractions this time!


Letter 2

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