Letter 1

My dear sister,

I apologize for the hasty ending of my last letter, but after that misunderstanding regarding the farmer’s daughters I felt it would be best if I left Gapswitch in a hurry. I’m sure you understand after Kori’s experience up in Askam. He never did explain that one to our mother’s satisfaction, but I think I have a pretty good idea what happened.

I traveled south to a town called Briarsby which was badly damaged during the war but seems to have recovered somewhat. The older folk remember their town’s former glory and seem determined to reclaim it. They’ve even managed to scrounge up interest and funding for a colony near a fluorite mine that should bring a measure a prosperity back to the region.

I stuck around for a few days doing odd jobs for the locals, mostly involving hunting or helping the local militia with scouting. Nothing exciting. While definitely on the edge of the wild, I would say that Briarsby is about as peaceful as a frontier town can expect to be. The locals have suggested that I go south and use my wilderness skills to help their new colony. It sounds good to me; new colonies always need the local abominations cleared out and local lairs identified. Next stop: Loch Tavish.

I may take the scenic approach, as rumor has it the nearby forest is home to all manor of wild fey and I have always wanted to meet some.

Please pass on my love and well-wishes to Kori and the folks.
Best regards,

Letter 1

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