Eldritch Shard

1st Report from Hannibal

New Guardian, Gnomes, and Heresy

Today I made contact with Lady Adjeza, my new Guardian. She seems both capable and responsible; I do not foresee any difficulties in working with her. Her companions are Holg Thokk, a half-orc warrior of the Adon tribe and Tim Surestone, a dwarven delver from Kinmelbil, “The Oaken Tomes.” With me as always is Stygian, valiant warrior and loyal friend.

Lady Adjeza is working with a group that identifies themselves as drow, and they asked her to investigate the local church of Pelor which they believed was at risk of being destroyed by gnomes during a midnight mass during which it was expected to be full of local civilians, as well as the local lord. The local lord calls himself a duke, but there seems to be some question as to whether or not that title is appropriate. Politics is not my area of expertise so I will simply refer to him as the Lord of Chesterwood and leave others to determine what title is appropriate.

There was some speculation regarding the motives of the gnomes, as according to the lore they only interact with the rest of the world when abominations threaten. The church itself was an obvious target for reason I will cover later but their choice of timing leads me to believe that either the Lord of Chesterwood or the civilian population were targeted as well. I know little of the Lord of Chesterwood but the Lady Adjeza seems to hold him in deep suspicion and distrust. There was mention of possible treason and the mysterious death or disappearance of his sons. More politics, but nothing hinting at Shard corruption. No reason to suspect the local peasantry of Shard corruption either, but I’ll keep my eyes open and forward any observations that I make.

We investigated the church and found several arcane devices that were apparently created by gnomes with the intent to cause the church to explode. I was, unfortunately, pressed for time and unable to determine their exact function. We encountered a trio of possible gnomes that was in the process of setting the devices and did battle with them. They were each armed with a wand: one of scorching ray, one of fireball, and one of hold person. Only the one armed with a wand of scorching ray managed to get an attack off before they were defeated by Lady Adjeza’s party. The alleged gnomes did not last long enough for any detailed analysis of their tactics to be made, but between the devices and the wands I would suggest that they most likely favor magic and stealth to direct physical force.

I examined the bodies afterwards and they matched what little information on gnomes we had in the archives. They are short but sturdy, much like what one would get if they were to combine the traits of a halfling and a dwarf.

The devices seemed to summon lightning, and Holg took it upon himself to carry them away from the populated area at great speed while lightning shot down at him. There was a mighty explosion shortly after he left; his fate at this time is unknown.

While setting the devices the gnome murdered one of the deep dwarves doing construction work on the church. I performed the appropriate rites for the dead and cooperated with the inquiries of local law enforcement.

At this time I must formally report that the Church of Pelor in Chesterwood has fallen to heresy. Their rites are being performed in unholy tongues and praise the deep father and great mother rather than the Lord of the Sun. The clergy at the church all seem to have become members of the Cult of Dagon. The threat they pose cannot be overstated and I recommend informing Glenwort Abbey immediately. I find it likely that Lady Adjeza will do everything in her power to combat this threat and I will of course assist her as best I can, but if we fall a large scale attack may become necessary.


RolandDurandal Aroundight

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