Entry 9

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Finally, a good night’s sleep. I had just gotten up and prepared the Boss’s morning meal when an acolyte from the chapel arrived at the manor to wake everyone else up and let them know that most of the medicine from the infirmary had been stolen during the night. The infirmary, of course, being where Xavier had left his new kobold friend. He hasn’t given us his name so I’m going to start calling him Fritz because he reminds me of my cousin who was worked to death in the mines.

Anyway, Fritz denied having anything to do with the disappearance of the medicine which was definitely not the result of his people burrowing in during the night to steal it. I don’t think anyone believed him. We found the tunnel they left behind but it was too small for anyone but me to go through and the Boss in her wisdom and mercy didn’t make me follow them alone.

Xavier decided to chase another lead to track the disease to its source and interrogated the blacksmith, whose family was the first in Briarsby to come down with the disease. Apparently the first member of the family to get sick was the blacksmith’s younger brother who like to explore the abundant abandoned abodes found around here.

Questioning the kid revealed that he had most recently explored an abandoned house adjacent to the chapel. I’m assuming that the kobolds had already tunneled into the area near the chapel looking for medicine and that the kid got sick from them, but there are other possibilities that I won’t go into right now because they’re creepy and I don’t want to think about them.

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Entry 9

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