Entry 5

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We made it to Gapswitch. It’s as big as an elven city but much dirtier. It feels alive and chaotic and scary but I didn’t have to go inside because the group we’re leading met us at the gate. I should describe them so you know who I’m talking about later.

There are two big strong warriors that wear armor and ride big scary horses. Their names are Ajaisa and Londell. Ajaisa is human and acts like she is in charge and Londell is a dwarf who is just spoiling for a fight. Their Boss is sending them to someplace called Loch Tavish to find out why nobody in Loch Tavish is answering their mail. They fear the place has been overrun by abominations. I hope they’re wrong. Abominations are scary.

There is another human named Xavier. He is a priest of the sun god Pelor, who I’ve noticed is worshiped by a lot of humans. I’m still not convinced that the gods are real. Maglubiyet did nothing for my people when the cataclysm came and I haven’t noticed him do anything for us since. I’d better keep my eye on this guy.

Xavier seems to have the same mission as the other two humans but it was given to him by a different Boss. Human priests have their own bosses (even apart from their gods) who don’t always agree with the city bosses. It must get complicated.

Then there’s Tim. I think he’s also a dwarf. I’d never met a dwarf before these two but he’s big and he has a beard so he seems about right. He doesn’t act like a dwarf though. I haven’t seen any axes or booze yet. Also, he doesn’t appear to have any reason to be here or be affiliated with anyone else going on this trip. No one else has commented on this so maybe they all know something I don’t. I’ll keep quiet about it so they don’t think I’m strange. Are dwarfs commonly used as good-luck tokens?

Anyway, the Boss has agreed to lead these people south to another human settlement called Briarsby. I don’t know if she’s planning on going south with them after that but I hope not. Abominations are scary.


Entry 5

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