Entry 4

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The Boss’s granddaughter accepted my oath of service! She said she would love to have someone clean up after her. Her name is Berza. I might have spelled that wrong because I learned to write in elven and they use a lot of kanji. She meditates a lot and practices a lot of the exercises I read about when I was a Na├»lo slave. I bet I could learn a lot from watching her.

She has a friend named Hulg who carries the biggest sword I’ve ever seen, and he looks strong enough to use it so I’ll try not to make him mad. He doesn’t seem to talk very much and is willing to defer to the Boss. He is also part-human. I wonder if they are related. It would probably be rude of me to ask so I’ll just keep my ears open.

Together they work as guides for the local human settlements. The humans don’t travel away from their fortified villages very often which is smart because there are a lot of bad things out there. We’re going to go to a human city called Gapswitch to meet up with a group heading south into the more dangerous areas. I’m afraid but I promised to look after the Boss and she seems pretty intent on going so I’ll try to pretend that I’m brave like she is.

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