Entry 19

That was horrible.

Every time I think I’m starting to get used to this adventuring thing something new comes along to make me wish I had stayed with the Adon. Case in point: spiders. But I’ll get to that later.

We gave our cart to the soldiers from Briarsby so they could use it to transport some of the less healthy refugees from the gnoll outpost. Runimar said they would also carry back the treasure we liberated. I’m not sure I would trust a group of random soldiers and refugees with my treasure, but it’s not really my treasure and the Boss doesn’t seem worried so I won’t say anything.

So, we set off bright and early towards Loch Tavish. Walking wasn’t quite as fun as riding the cart. Maybe I should get a horse? They’re awfully big and scary. A pony or a large dog, perhaps? Both seem pretty fierce and I’m not really very experienced with animals. Maybe if I rigged some sort of basket and harness that I could put on Holg

Anyway, we were walking along the road towards Loch Tavish. Actually, I’m not sure I would call it a road. “Road” implies a certain standard of construction and maintenance. What we were on seemed more like it had once been a road then allowed to go wild. Actually, I could see where efforts had been made to cut back some of the brush and reclaim the road, but then the plants had been allowed to grow back a second time. It was like the road we were on was experiencing a regular cycle of activity and abandonment. It’s current status was somewhere between a path and a road, but still easy enough for us to walk on. I’m going to stick with calling it a road.

After the first day of travel we made camp in the ruins of an old town. Adjeza said it was the town of Briswald and that two famous heroes made their last stand here twenty years ago. She didn’t go into details but something about the story seemed personal for her.

While there we encountered a group of orcs from the Javich tribe. They seemed friendly enough, and they shared their meat with us. The largest of them was a hunter named Dulthar, who told us that something bad had happened at Loch Tavish but that his tribe avoids that area. He seemed to know more than he was saying, but none of us decided to press him on it. Everyone is entitled to their secrets.

There were others with him who… no. I will not write of them. I looked upon them and heard them speak, and I have listened to the old tales, but I know not who will read these words and I will not write of what I suspect. We rested that night in good company.

We walked for another day or so and made camp in an abandoned farm silo after the Boss made sure it was clear of any Spiders or suchlike.

Entry 19

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