Entry 17

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Strange things are afoot.

Captain Runimar told us that the captain of the guard in Chesterwood was receiving regular reports from the men he sent there and that everything seemed to be normal. Runimar also said that he had known the captain in Chesterwood for a long time and that he was an honorable man. I’m not going to go into that again, so I’ll just assume from the context he means “honest.”

Runimar also mentioned that the duke of Chesterwood used to be a guard and that he cheated at cards. An interesting insight into his character, if not immediately useful.

Runimar’s men helped us fix our wagon and shared their supplies. They intend to return to Briarsby while we continue south to investigate Loch Tavish. It seems a good plan, except for the part where I’m going to a town that’s probably crawling with elves and/or abominations. But the Boss seems pretty set on it, so go I must.

At about this time a bedraggled human came running out of the forest, crying and begging for help. The rest of the group and at least half of Runimar’s men ran over to deal with that but the Boss, with an impressive display of ennui, wandered over to Runimar’s mage to ask about the sudden attack of fear we all suffered earlier.

I stayed with the Boss, but the mage didn’t tell us anything useful.

We met back up with the group after the runner passed out, and it seems his name is Hrod and he’s from Loch Tavish. His family and a bunch of other colonists were captured by abominations and marched deep into the woods where the gnolls “did things to them.” He was unclear on how he escaped but he made a map and said he could lead us back there.

One of Runimar’s guards vouched for him and said they were cousins. Hrod had apparently taken his family south to Loch Tavish to start a new life.

I’m not really excited about the idea of going after a group of gnolls in the deep, dark woods, but the Boss seems eager to help so I guess I’m in. Yippee.

It was decided that we would rest the night so Runimar’s mage could perform some kind of magical recon and get us some more information, then head out in the morning. Hrod looked like he would rather leave right then and there, but he was having trouble standing so they managed to convince him to rest.

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