Entry 16

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After resting a few more hours we continued on the road south towards Loch Tavish. I was feeling a lot better. I think I was over whatever the Shards had done to me, but we were only travelling a short time when I got frightened. Really frightened. No, even more so than usual. I don’t know what set me off but I suddenly knew that I absolutely had to get out of there. I hopped off the cart and took off running in a random direction.

Some time later I realized that I didn’t know what I was running away from or why so I stopped and made my way back to the road. I eventually managed to find my way back to the cart, but it turns out that everyone had felt the same panicked compulsion to run as I did and the group had scattered. Some time later we managed to round everyone up and track down all the horses. No one had any idea what happened and we all just agreed not to talk about it.

A few hours after that we saw a wagon on the road heading towards us from the south. Before we could get close enough for any kind of communication we heard that awful hyena sound again. This time it was accompanied by the howling of what turned out to be worgs, which are basically big, evil wolves.

We were attacked by a group very similar to the one that attacked us the previous night, but this time we were ready for them. Our warriors were armed and armored and our knights were mounted. It was still a tough fight, but it went almost entirely our way. The only dissonant note was our cart, which became damaged when one of the mutant hyena-things tripped our horse.

At the same time this was going on, the other wagon got attacked by worgs. The top of the wagon exploded and soldiers came leaping out to fight them, which was very impressive looking. I saw some dark bolts of energy flying around and knew they had a mage.

The soldiers from the wagon took care of the worgs in about the same amount of time it took us to defeat the gnoll group and we met up afterwards. They were soldiers from Briarsby led by a Captain Runimar. They had been sent to Chesterwood and were on their way home. We told them of our quest and made camp together to help tend to each other’s wounded.

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Entry 16

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