Entry 15

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The group decided to stay together and to go down to Loch Tavish and get some answers. We were given a cart and driver and departed for the south late in the morning.

I crawled onto the cart and fell asleep as soon as we left, so I can’t tell you if anything interesting happened the rest of that day.

I woke up still feeling like a large part of me was missing and saw that the group was making camp off to the side of the road. I was pretty messed up but at least I was fully back in control so I helped organize things and prepared an evening meal for everyone. I was assigned first watch and organized my inventory.

I still had everything from our previous adventure as well as five vials of alchemist’s fire I had purchased while not really in my right mind. It seemed incredibly stupid and dangerous to carry around loose so I resolved to either get rid of them or find myself a bandoleer of some kind. My food reserves were a little low but I managed to restock from the pool of supplies in the cart. I wonder who payed for those.

My watch passed uneventfully. I still felt pretty dodgy but I’d already had my fill of sleep for the day so I stayed up reviewing my notes during the following watch. I’m glad I did, as I’m not sure I ever would have been able to sleep again if I’d been woken up by what happened next.

I can now report that the “bad sounds that may have been monsters, dogs, ghosts, or the wind,” was the sound of hyenas baying at their prey. In this case, us. Tim and Xavier were awake for this watch and Tim immediately ran into the middle the road and defiantly challenged whatever was approaching. I give him full marks for bravery, but his tactics could have used a little polishing.

Xavier woke up the rest of our companions while I boldly hid behind the cart. From there I got a good view of our opponents as they came running in.

The first wave was mostly hyenas. Some of them had extra eyes and spikes that one usually doesn’t see on a hyena, but each one looked like it was mostly hyena. They immediately swarmed Tim.

The next wave was mostly human, and by that I mean that each individual was mostly human but had a few hyena traits. I couldn’t tell if it was Shard-mutation or if some kind of spell-caster did this to them. They were dressed like hyenas so it was hard to tell what was mutation and what was costume. This group spread out and engaged the rest of the group, who by this time had made it to their feet and readied their weapons. Except for Ajaisa, who was off to the side readying her horse. I guess that counts as a weapon, especially given the way she rides.

The final wave was gnolls. Gnolls are an abomination; they didn’t exist before the cataclysm and have no place in our world. At least, according to what I’ve read. I’m not an expert or anything. They’re basically humanoid hyenas and about the most vicious buggers one can encounter.

Everything descended into chaos as soon as the fight started, as usual. I tried to stay out of most of the fighting but managed to take out one of the hyena-things with a thrown knife and I set one of the gnolls on fire when it looked like it was going after the Boss. Our group fought well considering our lack of preparation and the unarmored status of our warriors. The last thing I remember from the fight is repeatedly stabbing one of the near-humans in the back as he tried to attack Hulg. Then the Boss was telling me he was dead and the fight was over and I could stop stabbing him.

Then I went and threw up in the corner. I guess I’m not used to all this killing. I sometimes wish the Boss was a farmer or something.

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