Entry 12

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Further examination of the dark and forbidding room revealed a series of braziers hung alongside the pillars and lots and lots of bones. Kobold bones, to be precise. It looked as if the corpses of generations of kobolds from a good-sized tribe had simply been tossed in here and left to rot. It was impossible to get a good estimation of numbers. At first it was too dark to see more than the nearest edge of the pile and once it got brighter I had other things to worry about.

I’ll admit I was a bit taken aback by all the bones and just sort of hid behind the Boss. Tim had about the same reaction I did but the others convinced him to go out far enough to light one of the braziers so everyone could see. That’s when things started getting interesting.

There was a dramatic sound effect and all of the braziers started lighting. The room was quite a bit bigger than I originally thought, maybe 60-100 feet across, and there was some kind of raised dais in the middle. There was a carpet of bones clear across the room that looked to be at least knee deep in most places. This was just a hurried first impression because shortly after the braziers lit up some of the bones came together to form kobold skeletons which animated and started to attack us. It was also at about this time that the door slammed shut behind us.

Things got a bit confused here. The animated skeletons were directly in front of us and the more martially inclined members of our group charged right at them as best they could while tripping through all the bones. We tried and failed to open the door behind us, so it looked like the only way out was the newly revealed door on the far side of the room. The Boss took off running towards it and I did my best to stay at her side.

We had gotten maybe a third of the way across when more skeletons rose up and attacked us. I’m no warrior, but I know where to stab someone so it does the most damage. Skeletons don’t have any of those places so there really isn’t very much I can do to them with my little knives. I did my best to help the Boss, and she was pretty effective at punching those things to pieces, but I could tell the fight was going against us.

Then there’s this weird glow coming from Xavier as he holds up that little sun amulet he’s always wearing and saying something about the radiance and wrath of Pelor descending on these mockeries of life and the skeletons we were fighting started to run away. Weird.

Things got easier after that. More skeletons rose up to fight us as we crossed the chamber, but Xavier was able to cow them with the might of Pelor as he had the others. The warriors in our group had some fun smashing the skeletons as they huddled in the corner. While they were doing that I tried putting out one of the braziers with water from one of the skins I carry with me in case the Boss gets dirtier than usual. I was hoping that if I got one out the others would follow and the skeletons would go back to sleep, but no such luck.

More skeletons continued to rise up against us, but we made it across the room and eventually got the far door open. Someone, I’m assuming kobolds, had used a bookshelf to brace the door shut from the other side. I took one of the books (something about kobold last rites) for future study as the others got the door shut and braced the bookshelf against it once again.

The tunnel we now found ourselves in came to an intersection after a few feet and continued on deeper into the warrens. We decided to make camp again, even though it had been less than an hour since we broke our last camp. All of us were exhausted, most of us were wounded, and Xavier had used up his daily allotment of clerical magic. I even discovered a small but messy wound in my shoulder, though I didn’t remember getting hit as we crossed the room. We decided to sleep in shifts so I updated my journal and then tried to rest.

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