Entry 11

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We entered a wide passageway of finely worked stone and set out into the darkness. The ceiling was a little low for the humans and orcs but I had plenty of room. I’m usually quite at home in the darkness but this was a special kind of darkness. A darker darkness. Maybe it was just the contrast from the humans’ light sources but this seemed a much less friendly darkness than I was accustomed to.

Tim the dwarf went in front (I still don’t know why he is with us) and kept stopping to examine the ground. I don’t know what he was looking for, but after a while I noticed that there were hand rails some distance away at either side. This seemed strange to me but nobody else seemed to think it was out of the ordinary so I kept quiet. A mistake, as it turned out.

Just as Tim seemed to become confident that the ground wasn’t that interesting after all, it abruptly tilted and we all fell over and slid into a hole. Most of the group seemed a bit shaken by the fall, but I noticed that the Boss and I utilized the same kick-off and roll maneuver to avoid injury. I’ll have to inquire as to her training at some point to see if there are further similarities to the Way of Night’s Breeze.

Anyway, we all fell about twenty feet and landed in foul, brackish water that was deep enough to give me some trouble. The Boss was kind enough to allow me to sit on her shoulders. Looking up it appeared that we had fallen through some kind of weighted pivot trap that has closed after us. The stone walls were too smooth to climb so I started hammering in pitons to create hand and foot-holds.

I hadn’t gotten very far when Tim found a secret door leading to a dry tunnel. We entered the tunnel and after a while discovered a trapdoor in the ceiling which release a rope-ladder when opened. The group kind of spread out at this point.

Xavier wanted to wait in the tunnel while Tim scouted ahead and checked for traps. Hulg and Ajaisa were a bit more eager to press on ahead, and I managed to convince the Boss to hang back a bit so I could get us cleaned up after the incident with the brackish water. I nearly always carry basic cleaning supplies on my person for just this sort of situation. Londell was still staring off into space with the same dazed look from the night before. I’m starting to suspect a drug problem of some kind.

Atop the ladder was the original passage we had fallen from and a chamber with another door that Tim took some time to examine before opening and discovering dual stairways leading down into the darkness. As we explored we encountered several doors that had been closed, locked, wedged shut, and had rocks piled in front of them. Ominous.

We eventually came to a wide open room extending farther than we could see in the little illumination available and several large pillars holding up the ceiling. At this point Tim got the shakes and said that it reminded him of another room he had once explored right before being attacked by hideous undead monstrosities and seeing everyone he knew killed before his eyes.

On that bright note we decided to call it a night and set up camp so we would be well-rested when we explored the potential room of undead nastiness in the morning.

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