Entry 10

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Sometime last night or this morning (I wasn’t really paying attention because I’ve been busy with the Boss’s room at the manor; I don’t think she’s ever let a servant inside before) Xavier and Hulg got around to interrogating the kobold that Ajaisa captured. He seems annoyingly smug but is willing to lead us to where his people are. No name given by this one either; I suspect this reluctance to give one’s name is part of kobold culture. I’m calling this one Tom because I don’t trust him.

Fritz decided to stay behind at the chapel. I wish him well; if my people were sick I would have stolen the damned medicine too.

I spoke with Tom during our journey and discovered that his people have been are sick and dying because the disease has affected their crops and they have nothing left to eat. He led us on an uneventful expedition to the kobold settlement where we found the sheep that were taken from Briarsby the night before. Xavier wanted to take them back but he was convinced that it wasn’t worth the fight that would no doubt result if he tried to take the kobolds’ only remaining food source and that we had more pressing matters to attend to.

Tom pointed us in the right direction and told us we would have to pass through the (kobold word that I think means crypt) in order to talk to the kobold leaders. Creepy.

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