Entry 1

garak’s journal

The Boss of the Adan Orc Tribe came out of a meeting with the Wise Ones and told me I should start a journal. I haven’t had very much experience at writing and I don’t know who would want to read about me but he is The Boss so I’ll do it.

My name is Garak, and I am a goblin. I was a slave of House Na├»lo until the Adan helped me to escape. I owe them my life and my freedom but I don’t know how to pay them back. All I know how to do is hide and clean. Orcs are big and strong and don’t hide from their enemies. And they don’t have servants. Orcs look out for themselves, and they don’t care if things are clean.

The orcs here mostly leave me alone. The don’t need anything from me and there is no honor to be gained from fighting someone weak like me.

entry 2

Entry 1

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