Eldritch Shard

Adjeza'a Written Testimony

I, Lady Adjeza “Brightstar” Boudain, Paladin of Pelor; daughter of Thegn Artius Boudain, Chamberlain to the King; grand-daughter of Eorl Edward Boudain, Grand Witan of the Witenagemot, do swear that contained here within is a true telling of the events that occurred since my departure from Briarsby that pertain to the betrayal of the people of Loch Tavish by Lord Thomas Braun III, the Duke of Chesterwood to the Kingdom of the High Elves to the best of my knowledge and memory.

Dramatis Personae

My notes on who we’ve met or heard about in game. Feel free to correct my spelling and add your own notes.

Letters Home
Njall's Saga

A series of letters from Njall to his family back home in the Northlands.

The Ruins of Loch Tavish

From south to north:
The south entrance to town:
A ruined gate-house with attached guard-house signifies the entrance to the town. Whatever palisade or wall used to surround the town is now only a memory evoked by the earthen berms.
Just north of the gate-house, and a little to the east, is what remains of some houses and apartments. A few single story structures, their roofs caved in and some walls broken down, sit higgledy-piggledy around a larger multi-story building. The larger building, probably two or three stories tall, has one side completely caved in. The walls remain fairly intact and it is possible to explore, albeit at your own risk.

Party Loot

A list of what we’ve found, what it’s worth (if appraised), and who got it.

Garak's Journal

A journal Garak has been keeping about his adventures.

Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4

Session One:
Entry 5
Entry 6
Entry 7
Entry 8

Session Two:
Entry 9
Entry 10
Entry 11

Session Three:
Entry 12
Entry 13

Session Four:
Entry 14
Entry 15
Entry 16

Session Five:
Entry 17
Entry 18

Session Six:
Entry 19
Entry 20

Session Seven:
Entry 21


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