Eldritch Shard

The Ruins of Loch Tavish

From south to north:
The south entrance to town:
A ruined gate-house with attached guard-house signifies the entrance to the town. Whatever palisade or wall used to surround the town is now only a memory evoked by the earthen berms.
Just north of the gate-house, and a little to the east, is what remains of some houses and apartments. A few single story structures, their roofs caved in and some walls broken down, sit higgledy-piggledy around a larger multi-story building. The larger building, probably two or three stories tall, has one side completely caved in. The walls remain fairly intact and it is possible to explore, albeit at your own risk.

Further north of the entrance and to the westward side of town:
The manor house of the mayor is obvious. What was once a beautiful garden is now charred earth and broken timber. The house itself looks cloven in twain, each wing horribly damaged and burned while the main part of the structure is completely gone, smashed to the ground and torn asunder. The manor house was three stories tall and what is left of an even taller tower looms ominously behind the house, swaying in the mild breeze.
An group of dwellings is located on the same grounds as the manor house. Not as tall as the manor, but occupying a larger area, theses units have crudely boarded up windows and doors, a large fire seems to have gutted most of the interiors.

The center of town:
The remains of the temple complex are evident. The heavy stone used for the sanctuary is strewn about in a fashion similar to water when a child jumps in a puddle. The heavy stone foundation of the temple is cracked in two, and slid apart, revealing an isolated basement lined with heavy onyx stone and full of water. Any living quarters or provisioning center is completely demolished.

The north western part of town:
Another residential center, similar to the gate-house apartments, lies abandoned and badly burned. While the buildings appear to be heavily damaged from fire, they do not appear to have suffered from the same kind of battering the rest of the town sustained.

In the northern section, west of the berm but east of the forest, is a small farm, its crops burned.

Along the river to the north of town which runs from the forest to the lake:
A watermill, its wheel destroyed, splinters litter the river banks and surrounding area. The structure itself as well as the attached dwelling is battered, but appears to have suffered minimal damage compared to the rest of the town.

Along the road from what would have been the north gate to the watermill is a very large footprint within which a piece of armor was discovered by Tim.

The forest:
At several points in the ruined tree line, a significant “dent” has been made similar to when a dog chases a rabbit into a mound. There are three such indentations in the forest west of Loch Tavish, and one on the north side of the lake itself, which the party would have to cross the river to investigate.


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