Eldritch Shard

Party Loot

A list of what we’ve found, what it’s worth (if appraised), and who got it.

Latest Adventure:
+1 Flaming Rapier – Tim(In Trust)
Mithral Chain Shirt (625gp) – Hulg
Masterwork Light Mace (156gp) – Sold/Split
Masterwork Longbow (187gp) – Sold/Split

Previous Adventures, Unclaimed:
Large Diamond
Bejeweled Chalice (Fish-man carvings) (~120 gp)
Jeweled Mask x5 (550gp each, 2,750gp total)

Previous Adventures, Claimed:
Jeweled Mask (1200gp) – Sold/Split
Dagger x4 (1gp each, 4gp total) – Sold/Split
+1 Scimitar – Adjeza
Masterwork Breastplate x2 (175gp each, 350gp total) – Sold/Split
Masterwork Chain Shirt (50gp) – Sold/Split
Masterwork Dagger (151gp) – Sold/Split
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield x3 (85gp each, 255gp total) – Sold/Split
Masterwork Light Crossbow (167gp) – Tim
Masterwork Longbow x4 (187gp each, 748gp total) – Sold/Split
Masterwork Light Mace (156gp) – Xavier
Masterwork Rapier x2 (160gp each, 320gp total) – Sold/Split
Mithral Chain Shirt (625gp) – Hulg
4,177gp – Split
70pp – Split
Potion of Cat’s Grace – Tim
Wand of Bull’s Strength (45) – Tim
Tapestry with royal crest – Sold/Split
Gold Idol (Gnollish) (~500 gp) – Sold/Split
Aquamarine Velvet Mask (~70 gp) – Sold/Split
Ornamental Dagger inlaid with Florite (~800 gp) – Sold/Split
Violet Garnet (~600 gp) – Sold/Split
Alexandrite (~500 gp) – Sold/Split
Harp with Ivory Inlay (Nursing Gnoll, ~1,000gp) – Sold/Split
Drinking Mug inlaid with Silver Designs (Hypnotic Pattern) (~500 gp) – Sold/Split
Fine Wooden Brooch – Sold/Split
Deep Blue Spinel (~800gp) – Sold/Split
MWK Mighty ( +3) Composite Longbow (350gp) – Hulg
Gloves of Arrow Snaring (2,000gp) – Berza
+1 Fullplate (1,325gp) – Adjeza
+1 Shield of Arrow Deflection (4,585gp) – Xavier
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (150gp) – Adjeza
Potion of Magic Stone (25gp) – Garak
1,795gp – Split
Faceted Brass Knocker (100gp) – Sold & Split
Clear Quartz (~80gp) – Sold & Split
Red-Brown Spinel (~190gp) – Sold & Split
Zircon (~7gp) – Sold & Split
Everburning Torch (55gp) – Adjeza
+1 Composite Longbow (1,200gp) – Londel
MWK Dwarven Waraxe (165gp) – Tim


wand – bull’s strength (45 charges)
potion – cure light wounds
potion of antitoxin x4
potion of cat’s grace
+1 magical scimitar

Party Loot

the zircon at the bottom of the list is worth 70gp NOT 7gp

Party Loot

There are also 2 scrolls which haven’t been accounted for: Identify and False Life.

Party Loot

The fine wooden brooch was valued at 50gp.

Party Loot

Nigel if you could modify the treasure list to reflect what all the items actually sold for that would be much appreciated.

Party Loot

Also if you could please add the raptor head and what it sold for. Adjeza will split the treasure amongst everyone if Njall agrees. Otherwise she returns the money to him to divide or keep as he sees fit.

Party Loot
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