Eldritch Shard

Dramatis Personae

My notes on who we’ve met or heard about in game. Feel free to correct my spelling and add your own notes.

Adulay Theoginda: Little girl with bardic gift. Found in Loch Tavish. Adopted by Theoth. Coming with us to Briarsby to testify. Relationship Status: +2
Alfwind: Elf that aided defense of Loch Tavish. Presumed dead. Relationship Status: 0
Athtoni: Group of elves operating in the Southlands. Relationship Status: -3
Azbul: Kobold Shaman that was collecting Shards in another dragon’s territory, leading to all sorts of unpleasantness. Sent a raid against Briarsby for food after disease wiped out kobold crops. Killed by party for his Shards. Relationship Status: -4
Brennis Gemheart: Dwarf with magic powers. Met near Loch Tavish. Seems to know Tim. Relationship Status: -1
Chatzkel: Cat with wings. Friend, pet, or familiar of Theoth. Friend of Adulay. Met in Loch Tavish. Relationship Status: +1
Du Irithul: Elf noble. Maybe Ambassador from Athtoni to Briarsby. Relationship Status: -2
Dulthur: A large orc and a member of the Javich tribe. Carries an eagle. Met twice in the ruins of Briswald. Relationship Status: +1
Elaine Gemheart: Dead dwarf whose name makes Tim cry. Relationship Status: unknown
Griffon: Duke of Gapswitch. Related to Adjeza. Friends with Ian. Good sense of humor. Relationship Status: +1
Hrod: Refugee from Loch Tavish. Escaped from gnolls, probably with magical help, possibly from Brennis. Convinced party to rescue family and friends from gnolls. Relationship Status: +4
Ian Helfast: Duke of Briarsby. Grandfather of Berza. Good at inter-species relations and diplomacy. War hero. Best hope of rebuilding the Southlands. Relationship Status: +3
Iefan: Elf that led the attack against Loch Tavish. Has reputation as a ruthless mercenary. Turned into horrible tentacle monster. Killed Adulay’s parents. Killed by party in Loch Tavish. Corpse currently Pelor’s basement. Weighs 130 lb. Relationship Status: -5
Javich: A tribe of orcs that operate in the south near Briswald. All contact has been friendly so far. Relationship Status: +1
John: Guy that runs Briarsby while duke is away. Was sick for a while. Relationship Status: +2
Kiral Miranus: Elf that aided the defense of Loch Tavish. Son of the leader of elven intelligence. Gave up family and status to become a drow. Killed by Iefan. Corpse currently in Pelor’s Basement. Weighs 110 lb. Relationship Status: 0
Kitba: Orc Tribe regarded as loremasters. Rarely deal with outsiders except to take in special students. Relationship Status: 0
Prescott: Independent investigator from Chesterwood that we didn’t actually meet because time reset itself. May not actually exist. Relationship Status: 0
Runimar: Guard Captain from Briarsby. Met on the road south of Briarsby. Helped rescue a bunch of human prisoners from the gnolls. Relationship Status: +3
Steve: Guy that runs Briarsby while duke is away and John is sick. Relationship Status: +1
Tamsin: Elven merchant met in Briarsby. Bought raptor head and jeweled mask which were later used to threaten Du Irithul. Relationship Status: +1
Theoth: Large dog. Also Large man. Probably a dragon. Lives near Loch Tavish. Was involved in the battle, responsible for most of the collateral damage. Guardian of Adulay. Relationship Status: +1
Thomas Braun III: Duke of Chesterwood. Real piece of work. Planned betrayal and enslavement of the inhabitants of Loch Tavish. Plans to have Duke Ian and his family killed and take over as duke of the Southlands. Cheats at cards. Relationship Status: 0 (Presumably -5 once we meet)
Volkimar: Servant of Pelor. Convinced some of the inhabitants of Loch Tavish to flee before the attack. Theoth would welcome his return. Found his diary next to a skeleton, so he might be dead. Saw him in Briarsby, so probably not dead. Relationship Status: 0
Yevdokiya: Mysterious woman with fangs and spinnerets. Escorted us out of the forest near Loch Tavish. Stated that anyone wanting to reclaim Loch Tavish should talk to her first. Relationship Status: +1


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